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With over 15 years experience within the Wind Turbine Industry.

OEM Approved Wind Turbine Replacement Parts

Replacement Brakes and Brake Pads

ICP Wind are a specialist manufacturer and distributor of Wind Turbine Brakes and Brake Pads. Available directly from stock, we are able to supply either Original Equipment Manufacture or OEM replacement parts depending on your requirement. With high stock holding levels, we are ready to despatch worldwide without delay ensuring a reduction in downtime for your wind turbine.

All Wind Turbine Brakes and Brake Pads are manufactured to ISO9002 and to original equipment specification.

Approved OEM or Aftermarket

All friction materials are OEM or After Market Approved and available directly from stock.

ISO 9002 Approved

All friction pads are manufactured to ISO 9002 and to original equipment specification.

Stock Holding

Our stock holding policy enables immediately delivery and reduction in downtime for your wind turbine.

Customer Support

With over 150 years combined experience in brakes and braking applications, we are on hand to offer advice for all your wind turbine braking requirements.

Wind Turbine Spare Parts Available Directly From Stock

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We stock a wide range of replacement parts for most wind turbine makes and models. Our complete braking solutions for rotor and yaw systems, include brakes, brake discs, brake pads and component parts. Our global partnerships enable us to be at the forefront of quality and delivery when it comes to replacement or change. Should you require any parts not featured in the categories below please contact our sales and customer service team who will be happy to assist you further.

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Success Stories – Brake retrofit Owenreagh



ICP were approached by the operator of Owenreagh Wind Farm in Strabane area (Northern Ireland) through their maintenance company Optinergy Ltd in regard to improving the safety and reliability of the rotor braking systems on ten Zond Z-40 550kW wind turbines at the site.

The issue was that due to the original gearbox design, the end-float of the driveshaft was such that this caused problems with the original multi-disc type brake friction rubbing and causing heating of the brake and shaft. Ultimately, this resulted in the brakes on several machines being backed off, leaving the machines with only aerodynamic braking. This caused problems during maintenance, when it was sometimes very difficult to safely engage the rotor lock toothed segment, and a solution was sought to improve safety and comply with current legislation, yet involve no major re-engineering of the current drive layout.


Following consultation and several site visits to evaluate the situation and careful measuring up, ICP proposed a very compact solution with their SHI-107- FC “floating caliper” arrangement manufactured by Sibre (Germany). There were several installation issues to overcome (not least a lack of OEM drawings for these vintage machines) including avoidance of several local foul points, supply of a brake disc and hub to perfectly match the original USA-spec splined shaft, and provision for an existing high pressure oil feed through the brake shaft whilst retaining the splined hub effectively, all of which were overcome successfully.

The new brakes are mounted to a custom-designed mounting frame with very robust floating pins, allowing the brake calipers to follow the movement of the disc by as much as 16mm, thereby avoiding the constant rubbing and heat generation of the earlier system. Coupled with the patented Sibre design, these calipers are virtually leak-proof in operation, and the operators look forward to many years trouble-free operation, with the friction material also being upgraded to the latest sintered-ceramic friction material for maximum longevity and high temperature capability.


WindEnergy Hamburg Exhibition

ICP Wind will be exhibiting a range of wind turbine replacement products at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016. Braking systems, brake rotor discs and brake pads will be on display. Call by our stand and meet the team.

Exhibition Details:

  • Dates: 27th – 30th September 2016
  • Stand: Hall B7, Stand 424
  • Name: WindEnergy Hamburg, The global & offshore expo. International trade fair for the wind industry that presents the entire value chain in the onshore and offshore sectors.

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