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Gamesa G5X 'Old Style' Brake Disc

Brand: ICP Wind
Code: IA0001

ICP Wind supply a comprehensive range of wind turbine rotor brake discs. Designed to reduce rotational speed or hold the shaft stationary whilst in operation. 

Gamesa G5X brake disc is available directly from stock and in pristine condition. Our large stock of brake discs enables short lead times and avoids expensive turbine modifications.

  • Turbine model: Gamesa G5X
  • OEM number: n/a
  • Outside diameter: Ø600mm
In stock

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Gamesa G5X Brake Disc with Old Style Drilled Holes

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Wind Turbine Brand Gamesa
Wind Turbine Model G5X
Disc Thickness 23 mm
Size D600 x d106 x 185 mm
Outer Diameter 600 mm