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Yaw Brake HHB-1-90 fits Gamesa G5X Wind Turbine

Brand: ICP Wind
Code: AB0013

ICP Wind manufactures an extensive range of hydraulic yaw brakes suitable for almost any wind turbine model on the market.

HHB-1-90 is an active yaw brake purposefully built for Gamesa G5X wind turbines. Engineered to extremely tight tolerances to avoid oil leakage and expensive turbine modifications.

  • Braking Force: 40,715 N
  • Clamping Force: 101,787 N
  • Actuation Method: Hydraulic, spring applied
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ICP Yaw Brake HHB-1-90 for Gamesa G5X Wind Turbines

ICP Wind manufactures reliable and cost-effective wind turbine brakes. ICP yaw brakes position the nacelle in the direction of the wind to maximise power. Engineered for cold and warm climates, for onshore and offshore wind turbines. 

HHB-1-90 is both hydraulic- and spring-applied. Acting as an active and passive yaw brake to stop, hold and control yaw movements. The active brake function is used for stopping and holding; designed with a minimum air gap for shortened response times and fast braking. The spring-applied function is used for parking and emergency stops in case of power failure - oil pressure needs to be applied - in order to brake. All ICP brakes work tirelessly against testing conditions to sustain efficiency levels, ensure reliability and resolve any concerns or issues that may occur to reduce turbine downtime. 

Actuation Method Hydraulic
OEM Replacement Gamesa
Wind Turbine Brand Gamesa
Wind Turbine Model Gamesa G5X
Braking Force 40,715 N
Friction Coefficient 0.4
Pad Area 6647 mm²
Piston Area 6361 mm²
Operating Pressure 16 Mpa
Compares With Yes
Max. Clamping Force 101,787 N