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Wind Turbine Hydraulic Power Pack Unit HPU2

Brand: ICP Wind
Code: HPU2

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) to increase your Wind Turbine performance.  

At ICP Wind, we pride ourselves on quick and reliable service, enabling short lead times to benefit your Wind Turbine application. 

HPU2 Features:

  • Fast operations of hydraulics
  • Safety and reliability is paramount
  • Fast braking and reaction time
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ICP Hydraulic Power Unit for Wind Turbine - HPU2 

The HPU2 is the main driving component of the hydraulic system. Manufactured to create fast braking and reaction times for your Wind Turbine application, the HPU2 ensures safety and reliability is paramountIntegrated with an external hand pump for manual activation or de-activation in case of a power failure. 

The Hydraulic Power Unit is compact in design with maximum functionality; suitable for applications where space is limited. The HPU2 is integrated with 10-micron high-pressure filters to avoid contamination in the hydraulic system and brakes. At ICP, we understand that high-quality maintenance of Wind Turbines is of the utmost importance in sustaining efficiency levels, ensuring reliability and resolving any concerns or issues that may occur. 

In order to minimise turbine downtime, we have provided an instruction and maintenance manual to allow for an easy installation. 


  • All hydraulic power units are tested in-house to field conditions. 
  • Operations in a wide range of climate conditions: -40C° to 70C°
  • All units come with Test Certificate and Certificate of Origin
  • IEC design
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