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ICP Organic Brake Pad TH Series

Brand: ICP Wind
Code: CA0022

ICP Wind manufactures a comprehensive range of OEM and aftermarket-approved friction brake pads. Manufactured for all types of wind turbine brakes. Trusted by major wind turbine brands throughout the wind market. 

TH series is an organic brake pad formulated for Sime Stromag TH9 emergency brakes. Available with a wear indicator. A rigid, moulded friction material with a medium friction coefficient and excellent resistance to fading.

  • Size: 315 x 110 x 14 mm
  • Friction material: FTL097, organic
  • Replaces: Sime Stromag 453605, 944-60220
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TH Series - Organic Brake Pad Replaces Sime 453605

ICP TH series is an organic brake pad available with or without a wear indicator. Designed for Sime Stromag emergency brakes. It has a medium friction coefficient with low wear and excellent fading resistance. 

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Sime 453605
Sime 944-60220
Material Organic
OEM Replacement Sime Stromag
Brake Type TH9 2C 3C 1T 2T 3T
Friction Coefficient 0.45
Options Available with thermistor
Disc Thickness 315 x 110 x 14 mm