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ICP Siemens Bonus Yaw Brake Shoe

Code: Bonus Yaw Brake Shoe

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply Siemens Bonus Yaw Brake Shoes to increase your Wind Turbine Performance. 

ICP Wind, holds stock of Siemens Bonus Yaw Brake Shoes, enabling short lead times to benefit your Wind Turbine application.


  • Compatible with Siemens / Bonus Wind Turbines
  • OEM Reference: 515896 & 515897
  • Woven Friction Material 
  • Cotton Fibre Friction Lining
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Siemens / Bonus Yaw Brake Shoe for Wind Turbine

The Bonus Yaw Brake Shoe is lined with asbestos free cotton fibre material with a double set of fixing holes.

Wind Turbine Brand Siemens