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ICP Sintered Iron Brake Pad P75b Series with Thermistor

Brand: Vestas
Code: CC0082/EP12

ICP Wind manufactures a comprehensive range of OEM and aftermarket-approved friction brake pads. Manufactured for all types of wind turbine brakes. Trusted by major wind turbine brands throughout the wind market. 

P75b series is a 6 button sintered iron friction brake pad formulated for Brembo P75b caliper brakes. Used on Vestas wind turbines to stop, hold and control the turbine rotor. The sintered iron friction allows the brake to function more efficiently under extreme pressures. 

  • Size: 117 x 92 x 16 mm
  • Friction material: MPM030
  • Replaces: Vestas 704059, Gamesa P370110
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P75b Series - Sintered Iron Brake Pad with EP12 Thermistor Replaces Vestas 704059

Sintered iron friction allows brakes to function more efficiently under extreme heat. Used in high heat applications to perform within the most adverse environments. Its high tensile strength and wear properties ensure minimal maintenance is required to avoid cost implications.

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Vestas 704059
Gamesa P370110
Gamesa GP005798
Vimoter 07.1790.00S
Material Sintered Iron
OEM Replacement Brembo, Gamesa, Vestas
Wind Turbine Brand Vestas, Gamesa
Brake Type 20.3100 / 20.2802
Number Of Buttons 6
Size 117 x 92 x 16 mm