ICP Wind distributes Carbex carbon brushes for every wind turbine and generator on the market. Carbex manufactures both copper and silver graphite brushes for a variety of leading wind turbine brands. Working together with several OEM’s including Vestas, Carbex silver brushes are installed in over 70 GW (+60 000 Turbines) of wind power capacity. 

Carbex silver brushes are high-quality products. Each brush is pressed individually to ensure ultimate quality control and performance. Carbex produces carbon brushes in copper and silver designed for use in extreme environments, including cold and warm climates, low or high humidity, for onshore and offshore wind turbines.

ICP can offer customised solutions and assist you in selecting the precise Carbex carbon brush for your specific application. This enables optimization of the carbon brush’s service life, reducing wear and tear on the rings, thereby improving generator performance. Carbex brush materials are under continuous development to ensure that they can cope with extreme environments.

ICP Wind can ship most parts from stock. Special applications are available within 6-8 weeks.

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