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Intorq Brakes

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Intorq Brakes

Intorq excels in electrical braking solutions to support the majority of any drive component in wind turbines. Intorq brakes have been installed in wind turbines for over 20 years.

Intorq brakes are best known for great reliability, long maintenance cycles, durability in the face of environmental challenges, and tight braking torque tolerances. Intorq pitch drives have been developed as spring-applied brakes for holding operations. Even after a failure, they operate in a defined fail-safe running mode.

The Intorq BFK458 modular brakes are used for yaw drives. This design keeps the turbines properly aligned in the wind in order to maximise performance. In the event of a fault, the brakes have been manufactured to allow the nacelle to keep moving with the wind.

ICP Wind offers a full range of Intorq electromagnetic braking systems along with yaw and pitch drives. 

For further information on our Intorq range, please contact our customer support team who will be able to assist.

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