Vestas is a leading provider for sustainable energy solutions. Vestas design, manufacture, install and service an extensive range of wind turbines across the globe, and with 101 GW of wind turbines in 80 countries, they have installed more wind power than anyone else.

ICP Wind offers a diverse range of Vestas wind turbine component parts. Our large stock of wind turbine brakes, brake pads, brushes, brake discs, pistons and seal kits are completely interchangeable with genuine Vestas parts.

We offer a wide range of spare parts for Vestas wind turbines including Vestas gearboxes, Vestas generators, Vestas yaw systems, Vestas carbon brushes, Vestas wind sensors, Vestas couplings, and Vestas brake discs. 

Spare parts for Wind Turbines:

  • Vestas V27 & V29 / 225 KW
  • Vestas V44 / 600KW
  • Vestas V47/ 600KW
  • Vestas V52 / 850KW
  • Vestas V66 / 1650KW
  • Vestas V66 / 1750KW
  • Vestas V80 / 2000KW
  • Vestas V90 / 3000KW

If you require any spare parts, please contact our customer support team who will be able to assist.

Email: or Call: +44 1663 734627