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Vestas V80 Carbon Power Brush C4476 - Replaces Vestas 753962

Brand: Carbex
Code: C4476

C4476 silver-graphite brush easily creates a patina to ensure smooth current transfers, low losses, and very low friction. This brush shows one of the lowest wear rates among power transferring brushes on the market and is always problem-free. Designed to improve generator performance and create a reliable and effective wind turbine operation.

  • Size: 21 x 18 x 80 mm
  • Turbine Model: Vestas V80 2MW-MK7,4-MK VIII-MK
  • OEM Reference: Vestas 753962
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Carbex Power Brush Silver-Graphite C4476 - Vestas 753962

ICP Wind offers a wide range of Carbon Brushes, both in copper- and silver-graphite materials. Manufactured to perform in extreme conditions, including cold and warm climates, low or high humidity, for onshore and offshore located wind turbines. Suitable for every type of Wind Turbine and Generator on the market.

Silver-Graphite carbon brushes are the first recommended brush producer when high performance, demanding atmospheric conditions, and/or extended service life is required. Thanks to the unique properties of silver metal, the silver-graphite brush always shows the best working parameters and the longest service life. It is suitable for every type of environment, including open space.

Carbex develops brushes in close cooperation with several wind turbine OEM’s, including Vestas. Each brush is developed customer requirements and specific turbine types. Additionally, all Carbex carbon brushes have been field-tested to prove high-quality performance in varying atmospheric conditions. Carbex carbon brushes are contamination tolerant, eliminating clog filters and preventing dust to sustain lifetime expectancy for your Wind Turbine application.

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Vestas 753962
Material Silver Graphite
Wind Turbine Brand Vestas
Wind Turbine Model V80 2MW-MK7, 4-MK VIII-MK
Radius R=90 mm
Size 21 x 18 x 80 mm