ICP Polyester Friction Yaw Pad for GE 1.5 Wind Turbine

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ICP Polyester Friction Yaw Pad for GE 1.5 Wind Turbine

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Code: Polyester Friction Pad - Grey
Brand: ICP Wind

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ICP Wind manufacture and supply ISO approved polyester brake pads, suitable for all OEM aftermarket and replacement part needs on yaw and rotor brake systems in wind turbines.

ICP Wind holds stock of GE Circular Polyester Pucks to ensure prompt delivery and reduced lead times.


  • Suitable for Turbines: GE 1.5 
  • Fits GE 1.5 Yaw Brake
  • Low weight design


ICP Polyester Circular Yaw Friction Pad for GE 1.5 Wind Turbine 

ICP hold stock of a diverse range of composite friction pads, enabling short lead times to provide a high-quality Wind Turbine performance.

The circular friction puck has been designed to create noise-free operations for your Wind Turbine application. Its self-lubricating properties provide a high tolerance to lubricant and moisture to provide a long and lasting performance. Manufactured to drastically reduce noise and create less abrasion for your Wind Turbine application. 

The grey polyester brake pad performs within the most adverse environments. The low weight design ensures easy maintenance and provides a very high load-bearing capacity. Ultimately creating a longer lasting Wind Turbine Braking System with minimal repair needs, saving cost and time on your Wind Turbine application.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer ICP Wind
Material Composite
Wind Turbine Brand GE
Wind Turbine Model GE 1.5
Friction Coefficient 0.35
Compares With GE
Outer Diameter 80mm
OEM Numbers
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