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Wind Turbine Brakes

Brakes in a wind turbine optimize performance. Wind turbine brakes will improve maintenance, manage risks, and protect costs. If a wind turbine brake fails, the implications can be catastrophic.

The two main types of wind turbine brake systems are yaw brakes and rotor brakes. A wind turbine yaw brake is located on the yaw-system. It smoothly controls and positions the nacelle as it rotates with the wind to maximize power. The rotor brake can be mounted on the rotor (low-speed shaft) or generator (high-speed shaft). Used for parking and emergency stop operations.

ICP Wind has developed brakes for wind turbines of any size and model. Engineered for cold and warm climates, for onshore and offshore wind turbines. All ICP Wind brakes are equipped with replaceable high-quality friction brake pads.

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