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  1. China Wind Power Exhibition

    China Wind Power Exhibition

    ICP Wind will be exhibiting at the annual China Wind Power Exhibition in October. Based at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing.

    Dates: October 18-20 | Beijing China.

    With 12 years of experience, China Wind Power (CWP) has grown into one of the world’s largest and most influential wind energy exhibitions. CWP provides an exchange platform for the global wind sector to seek industrial development, tackle climate change, and explore solutions for energy transformation. In the golden autumn of October, global OEMs will gather together, and enterprises along the supply chain will all show up, to embrace the best wind era with innovation. Find out more at

    ICP Wind will be exhibiting a full range of components suitable for wind turbine braking systems. For the full range of products on show, please visit 

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  2. Repairing Wind Turbine Brakes

    Repairing Wind Turbine Brakes

    Wind turbine brakes are critical for managing risk and protecting assets in the case of high wind speeds. The reliability and safety of a wind turbine rely heavily on the brake system. If the brake system is damaged, it's crucial they receive the correct repair service and are replaced with the appropriate component parts.

    Used to control and hold movements, wind turbine brakes receive heavy use and must, therefore, be cared for correctly to ensure reliable and efficient performances. Wind turbine operators understand the importance of selecting the correct service provider for maintaining and repairing wind turbine brakes.

    Visual Inspection

    ICP Wind performs a careful visual inspection of friction brake pads. It is critical to identify the minimum required thickness of friction material, as well as pad wear patterns, as this will allow the brake to generate full torque, avoiding slipping

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  3. Right at the Cutting Edge!

    Right at the Cutting Edge!

    Wind Turbine Friction Pads

    ICP Wind specialises in established and cutting edge friction applications for the renewable energy market.

    Centrifugal rotors which convert the power of the wind into renewable energy through an electrical generator, whether they have a vertical or horizontal axis, require maintenance and periodic replacement of wind turbine brake pads which we are well placed to supply.

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility uses the latest equipment and has the capacity to manufacture all types of friction applications, which far exceed original specifica

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  4. Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership

    Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership

    ICP Wind continues to grow its ever-impressive partnership portfolio. Schunk, a global leader in the development, manufacture, and application of carbon and ceramic solutions, is working closely alongside ICP Wind. Together, ICP Wind and Schunk will be focusing strongly on the wind energy market. Schunk Carbon Technology offers the perfect technological bases for highly efficient electric current transfer, low-maintenance, and reliable operation and also contributes to the noise reduction of wind power systems with innovative carbon solutions for mechanical applications.

    Schunk carbon brushes offer

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  5. Replacement Friction Brake Pads

    Replacement Friction Brake Pads

    ICP Wind specialise in established and cutting-edge friction applications for the renewable energy industry. Brakes are key at various locations on a wind turbine. Regardless of size, a turbine structure will require rotor brakes, yaw control brakes, and blade pitch control brakes - all with specific design considerations.

    A key component of any braking system is the friction brake pads. Brake pads are forced against a spinning rotor disc to slow and stop operations. Depending on application variables, the type of friction material can change. ICP Wind manufactures an extensive range of friction brake pads for all types of wind turbine brakes. High-quality friction materials will improve wear, reduce maintenance, manage risks and protect costs.

    ICP Wind has recently invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that has the capacity to manufacture all types of friction materials that exceed original equipment specifications. ICP Wind focuses on not just

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  6. ICP Wind - Wind Energy Network Magazine

    ICP Wind - Wind Energy Network Magazine

    Celebrating 25 Years in the Global Industrial Market!

    Read the latest news here:

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  7. All you need to know about ICP Wind Turbine Brakes

    All you need to know about ICP Wind Turbine Brakes

    Market Sector Wind Energy

    All you need to know about ICP wind turbine brakes.

    In recent years, Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) has recognised significant growth in the wind energy sector and now has a well-established subsidiary dedicated to this particular area of industry: ICP Wind.

    ICP Wind manufacture and supplywind turbine brakes and component parts to a large number of OEM and aftermarket customers across the world. Recognising the importance of O&M companies through continued investment in new and improved

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  8. Carbex i-BRUSH

    Carbex i-BRUSH

    The aftermath of the current pandemic will require businesses to operate in smarter, more remote ways. The Carbex i-BRUSH is a remote performance monitoring system with integrated sensors in the carbon brush. It allows maintenance staff to check brush conditions quickly and efficiently without the need for site visits.

    A plug and play system that monitors carbon brush performance at any time, in any place. Operating conditions are uploaded to the cloud and can be displayed on any smart device or PC. The Carbex i-BRUSH identifies remaining brush life in order for future maintenance to be planned to secure uptime. The system can be retrofitted to any existing installation and is suitable for onshore, as well as offshore applications. Further advantages can be seen below:

    The system monitors brush wear, temperature, humidity, voltage drop, and current distribution. When one of the monitored values deviates outside the giv

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  9. Carbex Carbon Brushes

    Carbex Carbon Brushes

    Carbex is an established supplier to the wind energy market. Carbex has developed a range of carbon brushes in copper and silver mterials to function in extreme turbine environments. Carbex carbon brushes are customised for use within double-fed generators, grounding shafts, lightning protection systems, pitch systems and yaw systems.

    Carbex carbon brushes provide optimum performance in all types of climates and environments. The Carbex range is well known for its exceptionally long service life and minimal ring wear. Carbex has the brush grades for every environment. Many of the Carbex materials are formulated with superior film formation for low friction.

    ICP Wind supplies a complete range of Carbex carbon brushes, available in both copper and silver graphite materials. Suitable for use in every make of wind turbine, developed to withstand the most extreme of climate conditions. Carbex carbon brushes are used in wind turbines such as; Vestas, Gamesa, GE,

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